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I am also a suffering optimist, I try to see positivity in things but find that is generally only my family that provides the positivity in an otherwise politically depressing world.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Gap isn't closing, it is widening!

Yesterday, the government released the Close the Gap Report and spoke to it in Parliament. Tony Abbott spoke of his disappointment and commitment to making positive change and yet, did not speak to how he proposed to effect positive change save for getting kids to go to school and adults to work.

He fundamentally fails to understand the nature of Indigenous culture and the necessity of community empowerment and consultation.

Bill Shorten, leader of the Opposition, took the opportunity to urge the LNP Government to reverse its decision to cut over $600 million in funds to grass roots programs and Indigenous justice. At this point, a number of MPs took exception to their hypocrisy being pointed out and did a Parliamentary walk-out. That is LNP version of respect right there.

I have spoken about this Report, where our government falls short and how we can push to effect change in my latest piece in Independent Australia, just follow the link.

Close the Gap - Not even close!

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