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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Cut the crap media!

The media is lambasting Bruce Jenner for rumoured intent to transition his gender to that of a woman. Why?
Why is his transition anyone's business until he decides to confirm or deny? What is the intent of stalking him, making him feel hunted and contributing to motor vehicle accidents? A photograph? What does a photograph prove? Besides the fact that you are a deplorable human being that is benefiting from the fear, pain and anxiety of another person.
Why is the concept of a...n individual choosing to be truthful to themselves and living their lives the way they see fit any of our business? Why is it the subject of ridicule? Often these trash magazines justify their behaviour and their sensationalised headlines and compromising photographs by saying it is what the public wants and the public deserves the truth etc.
The public deserves the truth when it comes to the substance and subject of laws; the public deserves the truth when it comes to the actions of the government and public servants that tax payer dollars are funding; the public deserves to know the truth about foreign affairs and matters of policing.
The public does not deserve to know the truth of Bruce Jenner's life unless Bruce Jenner decides it so. Matters of his private life are simply, none of our business. And don't start the celebrity argument shit. I do not care if someone is a celebrity or a Pope, everyone is entitled to privacy and to live a life without fear of being stalked and hounded.
The disgraceful and fickle trash mag media and the avid followers that devour the salacious content have just proven to those who are transgender, those who are transitioning or who are grappling with their identity and considering transitioning that their fear of ridicule and repercussions is real and well founded.
Shame!! This is the effect of ridiculing difference. The victim will become ashamed of themselves and this will, in turn, affect their mental health. This is the reverse of what should happen. The people who are discussing the private lives of others, the people who are ridiculing those that are different, the people that cruelly undermine the struggles of trans individuals are the ones that should feel shame.
People who are brave enough to live their truth; whether it be by transitioning their gender to live their truth; by living the truth of their sexuality are brave people. Brave people that deserve our love and support.
To those people; I love and support you. I am behind you and will defend you when the world gets you down xxxx

Footnote to those that judge - don't say you love someone and then have that love conditional upon a set of pre-determined criteria that fits your cookie cutter world. That is not love - that is being a hypocritical asshole.

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