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I am a Gamileraay woman who wants to leave this world better than it was when I arrived but we are going backwards which makes me angry and the result is I have a lot to say and sometime, the truth makes me unpopular.

I am also a suffering optimist, I try to see positivity in things but find that is generally only my family that provides the positivity in an otherwise politically depressing world.

Stick around and nod your head, join the discussion and give me a piece of your mind.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Indigenous communities being forced from their land.....

In Wester Australia, the LNP State Government are closing up to 150 communities of Indigenous people in remote areas citing "funding."

Here is my piece in Independent Australia on these disgusting plans by the government:,7406

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cancer is an asshole!

Cancer is an asshole!
Takes so much from so many people.

This year I am taking part in the March Charge this year and have pledged to run 300 kilometres over the course of the month and raise money for the Cancer Council.

Please help me by sharing and donating.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I'm not racist......BUT

Racism remains pervasive in today's society despite all of the inspiring trailblazers of generations past.

If you are of a certain skin colour, you are pre-judged and this is not acceptable and needs to stop. We need to start standing behind principles of integrity instead of allowing fear and ignorance breed racism and hatred.

I'm not racist.....BUT

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Ramblings of a Neurotic Mother.....

Do you know what I worry about as a mother? EVERYTHING!!

It is the middle of the night, Sunday night, my alarm is set for 4:50am to go for a run and I have to work tomorrow, but here I am worrying about the fact that I can't remember whether I made my daughter brush her teeth before bed. It's the nightly routine but I can't remember if she brushed her teeth tonight.

It made me wonder; are there other parents out there that are neurotic like me or am I being ridiculous; do other parents ever feel like they fuck everything up?

I mean, my fear is so real that I worry my daughter will be in therapy before she turns 5 (she's currently 4). Yes, I am joking, kind of.

I know it sounds kind of funny, but I am certain on some level that I am or will in the future damage my beautiful child.

I know I always provide everything my daughter needs and I'm not out getting drunk and passing out in front of her or using any other substances, don't ever smack her etc. it's not that kind of damage I'm worried about. It is the nonsensical and trivial things that I magnify in my mind.

That time you fed her hotdogs for dinner when you were tired and lazy? Yep, she didn't get nutrients and a few days later had a cold. Thanks bitch - you are responsible for the snot overload and misery your daughter is experiencing.

You lose your patience and raise your voice to tell your daughter for the 26th time to pack up her pencils. Well you loud mouthed shit of a mother - strap in because she will probably have a nightmare tonight and it will be all your fault so you lay awake all night waiting for the nightmare that never comes and are greeted the next morning with a ray of sunshine that has completely forgotten you raised your voice. Now you're even more tired, dickhead!

Oh and here is the biggie - I work. Not socially acceptable hours either. Some nights I miss bed time and there is nothing that prepares you for the guilt when you sneak in for a kiss and your partner tells you that she asked for you. So you wake up even earlier the next day to suck up with pancakes and then spend the rest of the day wondering if you are creating food issues for your daughter by using food to say sorry.

Agh!! It is exhausting being this neurotic.

Am I a dickhead? Absolutely! 

You see, I worship my daughter. She is truly a joyous creature. She sees a rainbow and she stops dead in her tracks to admire it. She sees a pigeon with a club foot, she will insist on crumbling some bread and leaving some water for it. If she sees a species of tree she doesn't know, she will ask a heap of questions to understand it. She wonders about te universe and everything in it and in doing so, sees the magic.

She is empathetic beyond just one lifetime. She cares about all people, animals and plants. She grieves an animal that falls victim to drought. If I have a certain look on my face, she will come and wrap me up in a hug.

She is exquisite. She is precious.

And I am terrified I will do something, say something or decide something on her behalf that will dull her shine or make her resent me in some way.

Intellectually and in my heart I know that each and every day I try to be the best parent possible to my daughter but the neurotic part of me has me doubting myself at every turn.

At the end of the day, we can do our best and hope for the best. It's all anyone can do.

I will try my best not to agonise over every decision but I guess if ever there was something to agonise over - it would definitely be what is the best for your child. I can find comfort in that when I spend the next night sleeping beside her bed against the wall listening to her breathing because she ended up with croup because 3 months ago she went to bed with wet hair.

You get me? Yep - neurotic.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Cut the crap media!

The media is lambasting Bruce Jenner for rumoured intent to transition his gender to that of a woman. Why?
Why is his transition anyone's business until he decides to confirm or deny? What is the intent of stalking him, making him feel hunted and contributing to motor vehicle accidents? A photograph? What does a photograph prove? Besides the fact that you are a deplorable human being that is benefiting from the fear, pain and anxiety of another person.
Why is the concept of a...n individual choosing to be truthful to themselves and living their lives the way they see fit any of our business? Why is it the subject of ridicule? Often these trash magazines justify their behaviour and their sensationalised headlines and compromising photographs by saying it is what the public wants and the public deserves the truth etc.
The public deserves the truth when it comes to the substance and subject of laws; the public deserves the truth when it comes to the actions of the government and public servants that tax payer dollars are funding; the public deserves to know the truth about foreign affairs and matters of policing.
The public does not deserve to know the truth of Bruce Jenner's life unless Bruce Jenner decides it so. Matters of his private life are simply, none of our business. And don't start the celebrity argument shit. I do not care if someone is a celebrity or a Pope, everyone is entitled to privacy and to live a life without fear of being stalked and hounded.
The disgraceful and fickle trash mag media and the avid followers that devour the salacious content have just proven to those who are transgender, those who are transitioning or who are grappling with their identity and considering transitioning that their fear of ridicule and repercussions is real and well founded.
Shame!! This is the effect of ridiculing difference. The victim will become ashamed of themselves and this will, in turn, affect their mental health. This is the reverse of what should happen. The people who are discussing the private lives of others, the people who are ridiculing those that are different, the people that cruelly undermine the struggles of trans individuals are the ones that should feel shame.
People who are brave enough to live their truth; whether it be by transitioning their gender to live their truth; by living the truth of their sexuality are brave people. Brave people that deserve our love and support.
To those people; I love and support you. I am behind you and will defend you when the world gets you down xxxx

Footnote to those that judge - don't say you love someone and then have that love conditional upon a set of pre-determined criteria that fits your cookie cutter world. That is not love - that is being a hypocritical asshole.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Gap isn't closing, it is widening!

Yesterday, the government released the Close the Gap Report and spoke to it in Parliament. Tony Abbott spoke of his disappointment and commitment to making positive change and yet, did not speak to how he proposed to effect positive change save for getting kids to go to school and adults to work.

He fundamentally fails to understand the nature of Indigenous culture and the necessity of community empowerment and consultation.

Bill Shorten, leader of the Opposition, took the opportunity to urge the LNP Government to reverse its decision to cut over $600 million in funds to grass roots programs and Indigenous justice. At this point, a number of MPs took exception to their hypocrisy being pointed out and did a Parliamentary walk-out. That is LNP version of respect right there.

I have spoken about this Report, where our government falls short and how we can push to effect change in my latest piece in Independent Australia, just follow the link.

Close the Gap - Not even close!

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Modern Politics - what does this mean for us?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would know that the LNP coalition had a leadership spill that resulted in the retention of Tony Abbott as leader and Prime Minister.
There are numerous commentary pieces speculating that this is just the beginning of the end of the reign (pun totally intended) of Tony Abbott.

But what does this mean?

Ultimately, it means that Tony Abbott continues to lead the government and passing LNP policies for the betterment of Australia...........wait, what? Honestly, it means, he will likely continue his grandstanding theatrics blaming the Labor government for his woes and whining about the fact that Australians don't like his budget.

This game of point the finger is old, it is done and it is so blatantly wrong that it makes me physically react when people repeat the pathetic one sentence slogans dribbled by LNP cronies during the 2013 hate campaign.

There are so many armchair economists that eat up the nonsense fed by the Murdoch press without a thought to common sense or the basics of economics.

Let us look at the Global Financial Crisis as one example. The LNP grandstand about debt and deficit and draw out the drama of "debt crisis" more than a stare down in the Bold and the Beautiful. 

Any LNP voters out there, stop reading now because your strongly held views are going to be outraged at what I have to say.

We did not have a debt crisis, nor did the Abbott government inherit a debt crisis. We are a globalised and developed economy that was facing certain recession, along with the rest of the world, in a GLOBAL crisis. This GLOBAL crisis ought to have had us plunging into recession like other nations given our interdependent economies.

But that did not happen. Why?

Because the economists working for the Labor government at the time, devised a stimulus package to stimulate an economy in danger. There are many that criticise the means, method and manner the stimulus package was distributed, but the fact remains - using sound economic principles, the Labor government managed to avoid our economy delving into a recession by stimulating the economy.

You don't need to take my word for it if you are hell bent on ignoring facts. How about Nobel Prize laureate and Professor at New York's Columbia University and one of the top economists of the world, Joseph Stiglitz, who commended the Labor government's efforts to stimulate the economy and said: 
"Australia's stimulus, as rolled out during the GFC was among the best designed in the world."
So the hate smear campaign of the Abbott lead coalition, is simply that, a hate campaign. This hate and exploitation of privately owned media assets (which are monopolised by a right wing nut job) to feed fear, lies and hate to the Australian public is not honourable, it is not statesman-like and it is certainly not befitting a public servant who's duty is to serve the public at large.

Instead, we have a political leader who is a corporate puppet. He heeds to advice and develops policies to please the few who control the big business in Australia and this is not in the best interests of this nation.

There are countless Australians that are exasperated with the state of Australian politics and on a daily basis I hear and read varying comments of the same theme:

They are all the same.

Why bother, they all lie.

I completely understand this sentiment because, well, look at where we are and who we have leading us. Look at the numerous ICAC enquiries and the cover ups. Look at the exorbitant expense claims. Look at the advertising campaigns costing millions upon millions of dollars. Look at the corporate prioritisation and cronyism. All funded by tax payers.

Modern politics is not democracy. Democracy has been forgotten.

I know that we (well definitely not me personally) elected his government, but I refuse the believe that if Australians were not bombarded with hate campaigns and lies, that they would have elected such a spiteful and deceptive character.

The Australian political landscape needs to have a shake up. Things need to change and there needs to be a re-balance of power with the privately owned media within Australia so that there is not an abuse of such power as has been occurring for a number of years with the LNP benefiting.

There needs to be greater honesty with the policies that each party intends to introduce, slogans simply do not cut it.

I have taken the liberty of providing some summary points of the major political parties and the major portfolio areas, so you can think about where you are aligned and dig a little deeper if necessary before the next election.

Liberal / National Coalition consider the health care system is unsustainable and seek to gradually introduce the American model. They seek to start this by shelving the Labor plan to introduce basic dentistry into the scheme and even went so far as to introduce policies such as the $7 co-payment and the underhanded cutting of the medical practitioner rebate, thus making practitioners be the bad guy by increasing their fees.

The Labor party are strong opposition to the proposed LNP changes. The LNP have provided data in support of Medicare retention, in fact, they propose to expand the scope of Medicare to provide great access to health and basic dental services for all Australians, especially the most vulnerable. 

The Greens party consider that Medicare ought to be expanded and are also strong opposition to the LNP cuts to Medicare and the health portfolio generally. The Greens have been very vocal about the detriment of health cuts to Australians.

The Liberal / National Coalition seek to make cuts to education and also deregulate university fees which will widen the gap of who can and cannot afford higher education.

The Labor and Greens oppose these changes and are strong advocates for the importance of education and the Gillard Government's Gonski reforms.

Once again the LNP are seeking to make cuts and are ever suspicious of Australians. There is no dollar figure put to the public as yet.

Both Labor and the Greens consider reform is required to address any wastage, however, both parties disagree with cuts to the most vulnerable members of society.

There are social implications to cutting welfare including but not limited to, the rise of the homeless population, the rise of domestic violence, increased incidence of drug use and a rise in crime levels.

LNP - denial of climate change and suspicious of science.

Labor is pragmatic about climate change and seeks to make corporate Australia respond and address the issue by reducing emissions through the Carbon tax. Labor also saw the value in CSIRO and other organisations aimed at the betterment of society through science.

The Greens are passionate about the climate and its impact on the Australian environmental landscape, the Greens have strong proposals for addressing climate change which need to be given some thought.

Immigration/Human Rights
Tony Abbott refers to refugees as "illegal immigrants" - enough said. Has unleashed his attack dog (Morrison) to cause as much suffering and grief upon these people who are fleeing war zones, oppression and persecution.

Labor, not much better sadly. Bowing down to community fear and prejudice by enacting policies for offshore detention and processing.

The Greens have immense humanity and are the only political advocates for these vulnerable people who want nothing more than to rest their head at night safely and know that their family is also resting their heads safely. Sarah Hanson-Young should be commended for her dogged determination in standing up for the vulnerable.

Indigenous People
Tony Abbott is the Minister for Indigenous Affairs - this is not even close to being acceptable. One of his first decisions was to cut $600 million from grass roots programs aimed at empowering and equalising Indigenous Australians.

Labor gave us the apology and disappointingly little else, but I do believe that if given more time, they would have made more difference in this area. I am certain there is plenty more to see in this space because young Labor has some very passionate Indigenous advisers.

The Greens are the political party that understands the interrelationship of the environment and Indigenous people. The Greens have strong policies for Indigenous Affairs that ought to be considered by the government.

Australians, on the whole, pride themselves on their "fair dinkum" qualities, their mateship, and their "fair go for everyone" attitudes, until that everyone is someone of colour, someone of a specific religion or sexual orientation.

Australians need to get real, get informed and live up to the standards we so proudly announce on days such as Australia Day, ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.

 To the politicians and public servants working for political parties, enough is enough. We do not care who started the finger pointing or who gave you a noogie. What we care about is what you stand for; your policies, not your slogans. We do not want to have to choose "best of a bad bunch" when voting. We would like Australia to become a true democracy again where we can feel the importance of our vote and hold our heads high that the leader of this nation is a leader of integrity.

Stop disappointing us. Stop pointing fingers. Stop thinking of the nation as a business - it is a nation of humans, not numbers.
Start working hard. Start earning your keep. Start conducting yourselves with integrity. Start being collegiate with one another and working towards the betterment of the nation together.

Consider it co-parenting a nation. When two people who hate each other parent a child, the child ends up damaged. Likewise for a nation. When two major political parties spray hate and vitriol constantly - the nation becomes damaged.

Grow up. Understand the grave importance of your role and show the Australian public some damn appreciation by introducing policies that seek to build not tear down. Yes Tony, Joe, Julie, Chris and Scott - I am talking to you, and I am not alone!