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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Australian Government yet again failing women.....

34 women killed this year by domestic violence!! Zero have been killed by terrorism and yet, we have $1.2 billion dollars in the budget for the war against government claimed terrorism but women's refuges and frontline services? They have had their funding catastrophically stripped so that a large majority of them are having to close their doors.
34 women - more than 1 woman per week is being killed by her partner or former partner. If 34 men were killed by women - there would be a national enquiry and taskforce to address the problem.

Instead, we would like to pop some ads on TV about "awareness" and pat ourselves on the backs? Nice try assholes but we are aware, we know that it is happening.
I don't give two shits about Kim Kardashian's latest hairstyle or butt exercises. I don't care about who is sleeping with who in Hollywood, who has plastic surgery or who is getting divorced.

I care about the 34 women who should still be here with us and the hundreds of women before them who have been taken over the last few years.

I care about the immeasurable amount of women who, right now, are living in fear and their terror is enhanced by the knowledge that the services are simply not there to help them. That if they want to leave, they are on their own and they will be facing a future on the run and homeless because our government has failed them.

Our government thinks that it is running a business, they just refer to it as the economy - but all they are referring to is the profit and loss ledger. Our government thinks that their purpose is for profit.

Our government fails to understand the principles of democracy and that their role is to ensure a flourishing society - we are not a flourishing society, not even close. We are a society where white men reign supreme and white men who are right wing are in heaven. We are a society where women are still largely considered accessories and the abhorrently out of control violence against women is an issue we will spend a few bucks placating with some posters and ads but won't actually do any of the hard work required to eradicate it.

We can jump up and down at the injustice of society and the abysmal governmental policies we are subjected to but, at the end of the day, we live in a society where the average person is apathetic to the plight of others. If they aren't adversely affected by something the government does, they won't be outraged enough to take action against the government.

This is a soul destroying fact.

We are a broken society in need of help. Our government is not going to provide that help.

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