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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Indonesia deserves condemnation!

Make no mistake, the execution of two convicted drug traffickers who happen to be Australian is not a message to deter future drug traffickers.

It is a message to those who consider refusing to pay bribes. A significant portion of judicial officer income in Indonesia is derived from the demand and payment of bribes. The judicial and parliamentary corruption is systemic and the judicial system - it has been proven - has little focus on the concept of justice but rather discretion of those in power and their exploitative conduct for personal benefit but because they cut one another into the action, it is overlooked and any enquiry into the conduct is declined for obvious reasons.

A legal system built on the concept of justice, as claimed, would consider the rehabilitation of those it incarcerates rather than pushing ahead with a pointless and cruel execution. This country has no interest in justice, if it did, the convicted terrorists that carried out the Bali bombings would be still incarcerated and not walking the streets having shown no remorse.

To those outraged (rightly so) at the barbarism of this country's execution of two convicted drug traffickers, please expand your outrage to the 500,000+ West Papuans who are being murdered by the same government without one word of condemnation from our government.

Maintain the rage and have compassion for those that are innocent as well as those that are criminally culpable and reformed. From all accounts Andrew and Myu were living individuals who comforted their loved ones throughout their horrific ordeal to the end and were defiant in the face of corruption and based solely on this - I am sure they would want their deaths to mean something more than simply boycotting the country and hurting the innocent citizens - let's bring down the corrupt institutions and demand our government intervene in the genocide being committed against West Papua!!!

Injustice is all around us - let us as a people stop being reactionary and demand revolutionary change in the world that sends our own strong message against capitalist greed and corruption!!  

#istandformercy #maintaintherage #supportwestpapua

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