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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Massacres were the tip of the iceberg...

At the outset of invasion of Australia - one intent was clear - that the British were expanding their empire and the Indigenous were merely obstacles. Not people who loved and walked this land since time immemorial.

By 1920 two thirds of the Indigenous population had been eradicated by murder, massacre and targeting them with poison and disease. Thereafter, government policy continued the work of the callous murderers - by removing children, placing them in Catholic camps where they were forced to relinquish their old ways and learn that white is right or face torture.

As you can see the number of massacres highlighted above only scratch the surface but I think the overall message is one of devastation.

A devastation that has only partially been acknowledged, only partially apologised for and none of it has been recompensed in any way.

To celebrate the day that kicked off the attempted eradication of a race says more about you than it does about the race you continue to oppress. 

Always was and always will be....

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