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Monday, 1 June 2015

Australia is racist


Let me repeat myself. Australia is racist.

This country has always been racist and, if the last 72 hours is any indication, it always will be.

You see, this incredibly talented athlete celebrated on-field success with a celebratory dance. The dance was an Aboriginal dance and the game was during the Indigenous round so, you know, the time for showcasing your culture would be then, right?


What was an appropriate cultural celebration of success on the field for a proud Indigenous man became offensive for those who like people to express their culture in a manner deemed appropriate by the dominant white discourse (read: never).

But this is one moment of many experienced by a man who is both proud and free-thinking; who is strong and responsible; who continues to speak the truth despite the numerous barbs he receives week in and week out.

The fact is, when black people come out of the box that white people so love to place them in, it creates cultural dissonance.


Australia is racist.

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