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I am also a suffering optimist, I try to see positivity in things but find that is generally only my family that provides the positivity in an otherwise politically depressing world.

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Friday, 11 July 2014


It's 2014, the feminist movement is something we learn about in school; the marches, protests and bra burning.
But the message has been lost.
Women are still paid less and overlooked for promotions in typical glass ceiling examples, but I think feminism in 2014 is about more than money, we really need to consider if men have been humouring us so we quit the preaching.

Think about it - who has the majority of this nation just elected? A man who thinks being a woman is synonymous to ironing, a man who thinks he has a right to holding a view over whether his daughters (women) have the cervical cancer vaccine, a man who introduces a candidate who is educationally accomplished as having "sex appeal."

Why have we, as a nation, allowed such a chauvinist outlook be representative of our nation? Do we agree with his views, that a woman may have a lot to offer but men offer more? A government with ONE female minister.

For goodness sake Australia, get your shit together!!

We are voting in chauvinist bigots who lie to the public on everything from pecuniary interests and gifts registers to the health and well being of refugees because it's believed they are going to rescue Australia from a fictional budget crisis.

We live in 2014 where woman are as smart and capable as men, women can manage it all. We should require more of ourselves and not allow chauvinism to continue as it is.

I urge you to look at your beliefs and if you think you are as smart as a man, as capable as a man, and able to perform at the same level or better than a man - then require more!! Refuse to accept a leader who is anti-choice, has been proven to be physically intimidating to women who challenge him and one who even subordinates the women he loves.

We can do better - and so the hell can men. We need to be voting for real men who see the value in women, not those frightened chauvinists.

The myth that women can't do it all is shit - we can do absolutely anything we set out to do. Want to be a homemaker? Own that shit!! Do it because that's what you WANT and not because it's what is expected.

Want to be a mechanic? Go for it.

Women can do anything!! And real men support dreams and careers as much as their own!

I am lucky - I have a real man that supports me in everything I do. But if he didn't? You know what? I would wish him the best for the future and keep on kicking ass by myself.

You see, I choose to be with him because I love him and he loves me how I need to be loved - as am equal with dreams, wishes and desires as important as his own.

And guess what? He has his own business about to be launched, he is a hands on father that does as much (if not more than) as me for our daughter and he supports, pushes and believes in me.

And that is the sexiest thing a man can be; manly enough to see women as their equals.

So for the women out there struggling in the mans world - I am behind you, and so are a hell of a lot of men like my partner - so let's grab it by the balls!!

Starting with the next election, let's vote for more than spin, let's vote for substance, equality, right!!

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